Grocery List for Community Meal (May 25th)

Grocery List for Community Meal (May 25th)

Posted on: May 19th, 2015

Monday, May 25th, marks the 1 year anniversary of weekly Community Meals (Cafe 545) put on by Donate Love and Winkler Central Station!!! Marian Hildebrand and her fantastic crew have been organizing and cooking these meals every week (with the exception when other groups offer to take a week!). We want to say THANK YOU to them for all the hard work they do and for always being a friendly face for all the guests at the meals!!

So for next Monday’s meal here are the following grocery needs:

one big block of cooked ham (bought at Superstore)
7 blocks (2.5 kg.) mozzarella cheese
12 green peppers
7 head romaine lettuce
7 head red leaf lettuce
4 cucumbers
5 lbs. carrots
1 tin coffee
2 L. half & half
1 tin ice tea mix
2 bags (10 kg.) flour PROVIDED!!

If you are able to help by providing any of these items please let us know. Please drop food off at 228 Linden Drive in Winkler by Saturday, May 23rd. Thank You!

Rachel: call/text 204-384-5171