Kairos Blanket Exercise

Kairos Blanket Exercise

Posted on: March 26th, 2018

We will be hosting a Blanket Exercise on April 12th at 7pm.  Courtney Yeo and Denise Thiessen will be facilitators.  We will also have an Elder from Swan Lake First Nation.

The Blanket Exercise: A Canadian history experience from the perspective of Indigenous People.
Indigenous people and non-indigenous people in Canada often seem to live in parallel lines,
moving through time at the same pace but with lives and stories that rarely intersect; we
remember history quite differently. The Blanket Exercise, first developed by KAIROS, is an
enormously popular interactive teaching tool to raise understanding of our shared history. In
broad and powerful strokes, by word and physical movement, participants compress centuries
of life into about an hour, moving from the time before the arrival of the first Europeans in
North America to the present. It is a contemporary parable that speaks a message of
As the name suggests, the Blanket Exercise begins with blankets arranged on the floor to
represent Canada before the arrival of Europeans. The participants, who represent Indigenous
peoples, begin by moving around on the blankets. While narrators read a prepared script, other
participants – the Europeans – join and begin to interact with those on the blankets. As the
script traces the relationship between Europeans and Indigenous nations in Canada, the
participants respond to various cues and interact by reading prepared scrolls. At the end of the
exercise only a few people remain on blankets which have been folded into small bundles and
cover only a fraction of their original area. Participants, if only for a short time, live out the
history of Indigenous people in Canada.


Please email us or shoot us a message to reserve a seat as seating is limited.


Thank you!