Kid Kits

Kid Kits

Posted on: September 1st, 2017

Please read the news report below for all the details.

You can drop off any of the following items at Donate Love:

– Back Packs (new)

– Coloring books (all ages)

– Markers

– Crayons

– Journals

– Diapers – newborns

– Feminine Hygiene products

– Deodorant

– Toothbrushes

– Underwear – both genders

– Make up bags (used to put all smaller products in)

– Shaving bags (used to put all smaller products in)

– Socks

– Pajama’s

– Toys, stuffies, hand held games, fidget spinners, crossword puzzle type books.

– Receiving blankets

If you have any other ideas, we welcome them! We are making bags from newborn to age 18.